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Pierce Professional Model os Special Order?
I purchased this frameset at the Eroica California Swap Meet on April 6th, 2019. At first, I thought it was British, but after some discussions with other collectors, I have determined that it is a Pierce Professional Model, or possibly a Special Order.
I purchased two Pierce head badges, one Buffalo and one Angola and neither fit.
There are more than 4 variants of Pierce head badges.
It looks like it was originally all chrome behind the seat tube with the head tube and fork also chrome.
The remaining paint makes it look like it was red on the top and the front and blue at the bottom bracket and lower seat and down tubes.

The slender seat post top is something that I only remember seeing on American bikes.

It has a BSA Headclip Headset.

It has headbadge holes that are offset.

British threaded bottom bracket, bottom bracket spindle marked "C".

Bayliss Wiley Fixed Cup

Brampton Adjustable Cup

Bayliss Wiley Cahin Ring marked H (1922) or K (1925) or X (1935)?
Since the frame is chrome plated and not nickel, I think it is an X.

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