The Eclipse Machine Company
Morrow Coaster Brakes

The Morrow Automatic Hub Coaster and Brake were first produced in 1901.
Below are images from the 1902 brochure.

The parts diagram below is from the 1905 Strauss catalog.

The New Morrow Coaster Brake were first produced in 1903.
The image below is from the 1905 Strauss catalog.

The Eclipse Morrow Bendix Connection
The following is an excerpt from The Bendix Story (from materials submitted by Rita F. Adrian)

1910 - Vincent (Bendix) had an idea to start an automobile without having to crank the engine. He sent away for patents on a drive for an electric starter. He produced a little gadget, put it in his car and started out to sell it. Not one engineer who looked at the device believed the starter would work or that Vincent could successfully manufacture the pat. Vincent recalled a story about one manufacturer to whom he tried to peddle the idea. The engineer who had turned it down walked outside with him. Both were about to drive from the plant in their cars. Vincent got into his small car and pushed a button that started the engine and drove away. The engineer was left lustily cranking his car, oblivious of the riches driving away from him. For three years Vincent went on improving the starter and trying to sell it. He knew he could manufacture the device, but he needed a special triple threaded screw that was produced by hand at a high cost. And low volume. The Eclipse Manufacturing Co. of Elmra, New York was mass producing a triple thread screw to make coaster brakes. Bendix licensed Eclipse, which later became part of the Bendix Aviation Corp., to develop and produce and sell his electric starter drive in exchange for royalties during the life of the original starter drive patent.

in 1911, the sprocket block and drive screw was redesigned. I will add more information about this later.
In 1911 Eclipse published a series of post cards advertising the Eclipse Coaster Brake.
Each post card shows a famous cyclist or an Eclipse employee in New York.

In 1912 they published another series of fairy tale inspired cards.
Some of the advertise Eclipse Coasters and some advertise Morrow Coasters.

In 1917, Eclispse made a design change to two internal parts of the Morrow coaster brake. The shape of the teeth on parts 113B, sleeve expander with teeth; and 114B cone, arm side.
When repairing 1916 and earlier brakes, the 1917 and later parts, 113B and 114B can be used, but must be used together.
In 1931, Morrow began putting a date code on the hub shells and many of the parts.
Each year is represente by a capital letter (A=1931, B =1932...)
and followed by a number, 1, 2 three or 4 for the quarter of the year.
In 1932 Eclipse published this hang tag.
The company is now called the Eclipse Machine Division, Bendix Aviation Corp.

The image below is from the 1937 Island Cycle Supply Catalog.

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