Hans Ohrt

1929 Elswick Hopper Racer
This bike was sold by Hans Ohrt in Beverly Hills.

The remnants of a French Super Champion derailleur.

The Super Champion derailleur was designed by Oscar Egg in 1932. Click here to see my Ernest Ohrt bike with Oscar Egg lugs.

Since the brake levers do not match, I believe that the bike was originally equipped with only a rear brake,

like in the catalog images and that Hans added the front brake.

I have not found a catalog from 1929, but the Veteran-Cycle Club's online library has a 1928 catalog and a 1932 catalog. The image below is from the 1928 Elswick catalog.

The image below is from the 1932 Elswick catalog.

I received this message from Nigel Land, the author of Elswick-Hopper of Barton-on-Humber: The Story of a Great British Cycle Maker.
Undoubtedly an export Elswick-Hopper made mid-1929 from the number.
According to the Classic Lightweight site he started trading in the late 1920s so this would be one of the first.
Basically, there was a single company which started as F Hopper and Co in 1890 and supplied the trade,
creating a direct retail brand in 1911 with the purchase of the Elswick name and designs.
So, all I can say is that your fork crown is Hopper rather than Elswick,
but what you have is a Hans Ohrt, supplied by Elswick-Hopper Cycle and Motor Co Ltd of Barton on Humber.
It is clearly derived from the Hopper Racer and the Elswick Model 9 forks more like the former and frame more like the latter.
Very nice machine and one of only two I have in my database for that year. Indeed, out of around 220 recorded machines I have just 14 from pre-1930.
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