1936? Drysedale Velox

Serial #482

The bike came to me with a very tall streamlined stem, like you would see on a cycle truck.
I'm guessing that the original owner got old and changed stems to make the bike more comfortable.
I have replaced the stem with this Major Taylor style adjustable stem.

I need to find a screw in oiler for the bottom bracket shell.

The bike came to me with French made, Atom 440 pedals which were made in the 1970s.
I found these Chater Lea pedals to put on the bike. They are too new for the bike, but the best that I have found so far. These pedals were first produced in 1955.
I would like to find a nice pair of BSA or other 1930s era racing pedals.
The Cyclo Oppy toe clips are from the 1930s.

The picture below shows the date code on the Williams chainring that came to me on the bike.
According to the date code chart on Classic Lightweights UK, Williams Component Dating the code Y was used in 1936.
The 52 below the Y is for the 52 teeth on the chainring.
I am assuming that the chainring was installed on my bike when the bike was new, if so, the frame would have been made around the same year.
I have not found a way to get any information from the serial number on the frame, except that it is the only frame that I have seen so far with a three digit number.
The other Drysedale frames that I have and have seen have more than 3 digits in their serial numbers.

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