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Below is a list of some of the bikes in my collection. My goal as a collector is to have two bikes from every decade that bicycles have been made, in addition I also want to have a bike that is representative of every major advancement or variation of the bicycle. The bicycles in my collection are not for sale, but can be rented as props for movies, TV, print advertising, etc. I will consider trading bicycles from my collection for other old bicycles.

1893 Columbia Century
1895 Monarch
1896 ? Demorest
1896 ? Waverly

189? Gormully & Jeffery Tandem
189? Schwinn World Tandem
1897? Ide Tandem
1897? Columbus Tandem
1898 Snell Special
1899 Columbia Lady's Chainless

Turn Of The Century
1900 Crescent

1906? Peerless?

1911? G&J Rambler
Model 172

Racycle Rideabout
1917? Reading Standard
Iver Johnson Truss Frame
1918-23? Racycle

1923 Elgin

1929 Hans Ohrt Elswick Hopper Racer

193X? Phillips

1930 Iver Johnson 20 Inch
1932 Schwinn B 10 Excelsior
1933 Colson Tandem
1936 or 37 Elgin Oriole
1936 ? Drysedale Velox
1938 Elgin Twin 20

1938 Elgin
1939 CCM Red Bird

1940s? Condor Fahrad Typ Militar
1940 Toledo Tom Boy Tricycle
1941 Iver Johnson 3 Speed
1941 Schwinn Cycle Truck
1942 Hercules BV Deluxe
1942 CCM Rambler
1940? Ohrt DeLuxe

1946 Higgins Ultralite

Drysedale #3129
Frejus #82449
Roadmaster Luxury Liner (project)
Roadmaster Royal Eagle (project)
Schwinn American Photos coming soon

1962 Raleigh Gran Sport

1962? Ideor Asso
1963 Hetchins Experto Crede and Mountain King
1969 Jack Taylor

1969 (January AE) Schwinn Pea Picker

1970 Mercier
1973 Raleigh DL1 Tourist
1974 Jack Taylor International

1975 Alex Singer

1978 Pro Cruiser
197? Colin Laing Tandem

197? Jeffrey Richman Tandem

1980 Trailmaster Photos coming soon
1983 Ritchey Mountainbike
1983 Centurion Pro Tour 15

198? Pinarello

Klein Attitude
1997 Colnago Tecnos
Iribe Keirin

A guide to sprockets
Now Trading The items below are available for trade.
1898 Crescent
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