1918-23? Racycle
I'm not sure what year this Racycle was made.
The previous owner thought that it was made in 1917.
I have since learned from Brian Doan, the author of The Racycle Crank Blog
that Racycle catalogs through 1917 show a split bottom-bracket shell.
The only later information available is from a 1923 catalog,
which refers to a one-piece crank but has no information about the bottom-bracket shell.
Since this bike has a one-piece, bottom-bracket shell, it differs from known Racycles,
and more research is needed to confirm it is indeed a Racycle,
it is possible that someone has installed a Raycycle badge onto a different bike,
and to establish when it was built.
My theory is that it is a Racycle built between 1918 and 1923.
The bike is in as found condition.
Someone installed a Bendix brake arm onto the "armless" Musselman Coaster Brake.
I have since removed the brake arm. The hubs appear to be correct.
Someone has also installed what appears to be a mid 1930s Schwinn crankset and sprocket.
It could be that they had trouble with the Racycle cranks and replaced them with Schwinn cranks,
I have removed and cleaned the cranks.
The rims do not match. The rear rim is steel and it has a narrow flat profile.
The front rim is all wood.
The bike has a decal that says it was sold by Thom's Cyclery.
I searched the web and found the Center for Sacramento History's photostream
which shows a building (circa 1900) that they say is the former Thom's Cyclery, but the picture does not show a bike shop.
The website explains
"the former thomís cyclery. 3401 2nd Avenue.
This wood-frame building dates from 1896.
It has been modified in various ways,
but comparisons between current and old photographs of
the location show that it is the same structure.
Grocery, furniture, and other stores occupied the ground floor at 3401
until Thomís Cycleryís moved in from next door in 1938 and stayed until 2007!
Some neighborhood old-timers remember getting bikes from Thomís,
while others recall that new Schwinns were beyond their familiesí financial means."
Text taken from www.cityofsacramento.org
I also found a book entitled The California State Employee - Volume 11, Issues 4-12 (1942)
I was able to find that the book which is listed in google books with no e-book available,
has a page that says that Thoms sold Majestic and Westfield.
So, I have learned that Thoms was originally in another building.
They moved into the building next door, which is the one photographed on the website in 1934.
And that they went out of business in 2007. I do not know when they started business.
I now need to go on a field trip to Sacramento. I'll bring my bike and ask around the neighborhood about Thoms.
Back to the bike.
I really need to find a catalog that shows this model Racycle.
Unlike most Racycles that I have seen, this one does not have a slotted, clamping bottom bracket shell.
What do the correct cranks look like?
Was it originally half inch pitch?
Are either of my rims original?
The photo below shows the Bendix brake arm mod, which I have removed.
The photo below shows the Schwinn crank set which I have removed and cleaned.
Hopefully I can find an original crank set.

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