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Photo from <br>Le Miroir des 
Sports, No.312, 5 May 1926,Aldo Ross Collection
Photo from
Le Miroir des Sports
No.312, 5 May 1926
Aldo Ross Collection

Apo Lazarides
Apo Lazarides tour de france article

The Woes of Age,

(A prize which works out to a pound
an inch is being offered for the first flight
on a pedal airplane.)
When I was young (long years before
My hair fell out and went off duty),
In days of childhood when I wore
A choir boy air of youth and beauty,
Days when I looked on life with glee
And only school appeared unpleasant,
A kindly uncle gave to me,
A cycle as a birthday present,
And, which is more, to fire the bard's
Young zeal, he promised me a shilling
When I could struggle fifty yards
Without one single clumsy spilling.
A country lane at once I sought,
Nor wasted time on doubt or question,
And entered the Bob (wherewith I bought
Some sweetmeat aids to indigestion).
And this is why I wish today
That I were young and he were living,
And that uncle with his generous way
Of thus encouragingly giving.
For I am sure he would not flinch
From modern sports (like pedal planing),
He'd offer me a pound an inch-
Hence my senility's complaining.
T. H. From Cycling 14th March, 1912

A una ciclista

photo of chris ioakimedes ar Repack
Photo of Chris Ioakimedes
aka The Fat Tire Trader,
at the starting line of Repack in 1983!
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